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Licensed Life Coach in Reading, Berkshire

Booking a session

Paul Jerome - Licensed NLP Life CoachIf this is your very first coaching session with me, then you can have the first session completely free. After that I charge £70 per session.

If you've decided you'd like to work with me then give me a call and I can book you in for an appointment.

Call me on: 0118 901 8749

I will work with individuals and couples. However I will only ever work face to face with people in the same room.

After you've given me a call, I'll ask you to fill in an assessment form, and we'll agree an appointment date and time.

You can choose to either come and visit me, or I can visit you. It's completely up to you. If I do visit you, then a small fee for travelling expenses will be made.

If you've got any questions you'd like answered or if you'd like to discuss your issue with me, before deciding whether to go ahead, then please give me a call

I am completely confidential and will do my best to support you.

You can call me at any time using the number below:

Call Paul Today on 0118 901 8749

Alternatively You can Contact me by e-mail

Cost per session:

Every session is unique and tailored specifically to you, so session lengths and the number of sessions can vary.

The first session is absolutely Free. After that my fee per one-hour session is £60.

For further details please call me:

Contact me by phone:

0118 901 8749

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