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Accepting, appreciating & celebrating self

This process for building self-esteem can empower you to establish a solid sense of self, so that you will remain less stressed and insecure by life's everyday events. It's based on separating self-confidence (what you do) and self-esteem (what you are)

1) Access the 3 'A' resource states: Acceptance, Appreciation, and Awe.
Access each states by using a small and simple memory so that you can access the feeling of the state fully and discreetly
A) Acceptance
B) Appreciation
C) Awe

2) Amplify each state and Apply to Self
Amplify each state until you have a robust enough state to then apply to your sense of self knowing that as you do you are bringing each resource to bear upon your 'self' (your concept of self) so that you set each as your thoughts about yourself

3) Apply self-esteeming to a needed context
Is there any context, situation, or event wherein you feel tempted to self-contempt, self-question, self-doubt, and / or dislike yourself? In what context would you prefer a more resourceful response?

4) Apply Self-Esteeming to the old Self-Contempting context
Apply and notice how it transforms the old context.
Are you ready to self-respect yourself no matter what?

5) Imaginatively put into your future to validate
Imagine moving through life in the weeks and months to come with this frame of mind...
Do you like this?
Notice how this would transform things for you...
Does every aspect of the higher parts of your mind fully agree with this?

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau


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