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Turning principles into actions

The design of this pattern is to turn highly informative, insightful, and valued principles into behavioural patterns. We do this when we learn to type on a keyboard. The original learning may take a considerable amount of time and trouble in order to get the muscle patterns and co-ordination deeply imprinted into one's fibre. Yet by practising and training, the learning's become incorporated into the very fabric of the muscles patterns themselves. We then lose conscious awareness of the learning's as we let the muscles run the program. At that point, we have translated principle into muscle pattern.

The same holds true for expertise, excellence, and mastery in all other fields, from sports, mathematics, teaching, to surgery, selling, and public relations. We begin with a principle, a concept, understanding, awareness or belief, and then we translate it into muscle patterns. This pattern creates transformation by moving up and down the various levels of mind so that we map from our understandings about something, from the lowest descriptive levels to the highest conceptual levels and back down again.

1) Identify a Principle (concept, understanding) you want to incorporate into your behaviour.
What concept or principle do you want to put into your behaviour?
Describe your conceptual understanding.
What do you know or understand or believe about this that you want to set as a frame in your mind? State it in a clear, succinct, and compelling way.
Okay, now state it by finishing the statement, "I understand..."

2) Describe the Principle as a Belief
Would you like to believe that?
If you really believed that, would that make a big difference in your life?
State the concept by putting it as a belief. Say, "I believe..."
Now state it as if you really did believe it. Notice what you're feeling as you say that again.

3) Reformat the Belief as a Decision
Would you like to live by that belief? [Yes.] You would? [Yes.] Really? [Yes.]
Will you act on this and make it your program for acting?
State it as a decision. Restate the belief by saying, "I will..." "I want..." "it is time to..."
"From this day forward I will... Because I believe..."

4) Rephrase the Belief and Decision as an Emotional State or Experience
State the belief decision again noticing what you feel.
What do you feel as you imagine living your life with this empowering belief and decision?
Be with those emotions... let them grow and extend.
Put your feelings into words: "I feel ..." "I experience..." "because I will ..." "because I believe..."

5) Turn the Emotions into Actions to Express the belief / decision
"The one thing that I will do today as an expression of these feelings, to make this belief decision real is..."
And what one thing will you do tomorrow? And the day after that?

6) Step into the Action and Let the higher levels support you
As you fully imagine carrying out that one thing you will do today... seeing, hearing and feeling it, you are doing this because you believe what? Because you've decided what? Because you feel what? And you will do what other thing? Because you understand what? Because you feel what? Because you've decided what? Because you believe what? And what other things will you do?

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau

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