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Personal empowerment

A pattern for recognising and owning the very core 'powers' of our functioning. Doing his establishes the basis for personal empowerment, responsibility and proactivity.

How to Play with the Pattern:

1) Access a full experience of your Four Central Powers.
Notice that you have two private inner powers. On the inside you have powers of:
Thinking: representing, believing, valuing, understanding, reasoning, etc.
Emoting: feeling, valuing, etc.

You also have two public or outer powers by which you can effect yourself and the world:
Speaking: language, using and manipulating symbols, asserting, etc.
Behaving: acting, responding, relating, etc.

Just notice and enjoy and appreciate these as you access them fully. Access them so that you begin to feel these powers. Use your hands to mime out these powers in your own personal 'space' to create your circle of power, influence and responsibility.

2) Access and Amplify the Resource State of Ownership.
Think about something that you can say "Mine!" to fully, that every fibre in your body knows that it is yours. Has there ever been a time when you said "Mine!" that fully? Recall that time. Be there. Feel it when you strongly sense that something is yours, when every fibre in your being says, "Mine!" keep it small and simple: "My hand!" "My eye" "My cat" "My toothbrush"
Find a "Mine!" that is clearly yours in a positive way, a "Mine!"

3) Amplify your Ownership states until you radiate.
Amplify your sense of ownership and say, "This is mine. I am totally responsible for my responses of mind, emotion, speech and behaviour..." Notice how that transforms things.

4) Access the States of Acceptance and Appreciation of 'Mine'
Use a small and simple reference to get the feel of acceptance... when you just welcomed and acknowledged something ... a rainy day, the traffic. Now feel this acceptance about what you own as yours.
Do the same with a reference for appreciation. Feel that appreciation about this sense of ownership. Feel that sense of acceptance and appreciation and apply to your powers.

5) Take it into the future
Imagine in the weeks and months to come, moving through the world with this frame of mind about your zones of response... power... Do you like that? Just notice how it transforms things as it allows you to fully claim you mind, heart, voice, and response powers.

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau


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