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Taking an intentional stance

1) Identify an important task that you want more energy, focus, and motivation with.
We will first identify an activity to use as a reference point to explore our higher intentions.
What are some of the tasks that you engage in as part of your everyday life, career, etc.?
What do you need to do in order to succeed?

2) How is that Activity Important to you?
I take it that that activity is significant, right? How is it significant? How is it valuable?
In what way?
What else is important about that?
How many other answers can you identify about this activity?

3) Move up the Levels of your mind. One at a Time.
So this activity is important to you because of these things. And how is this important to you?
What's important by having this?
What important about that outcome?
And what's even more important than that?
And when you get that fully and completely and in just the way you want it, what's even more important?
[Continue this until you flush out and detect all of your higher values.]

4) Step into the higher Value States of Importance so that you feel them fully.
That must be important to you? [Yes.] So just welcome in the good feelings that these meanings and significance's invite, and just be with those higher level feelings for a bit.
Do you like that? [Yes.]
Let those feelings grow and intensify as you recognise that this is your highest Intentional Stance, this is what you are all about... isn't it? Enjoy this awareness.

5) Bring the Higher States / Frames of Mind down and out.
Having these higher feelings in mind... fully... imagine this intentional stance getting into your eyes, into your body, into your way of being in the world and imagine moving out into life tomorrow with them... and as you do ... and as you engage in that work-related activity that's part of your life, health, wealth building plan, etc., notice how the higher frames transforms it... And take all of this into tomorrow and into all of your tomorrows...

6) Commission your mind to take ownership of this.
There's a part of your mind that makes decisions, that chooses the pathways that you want to go down, will that highest part of your mind take full responsibility about this activity and to remind you to see the world this way?
Imagine using this as the basis of your inner life, your way of being in the world. Do you like that?

7) Invite other Resources.
Would you like to bring any other resource to this intentional stance?
Would playfulness enrich it? Persistence? Passion? Etc.

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau

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