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End of day review

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we find it worthwhile and valuable to review our day to make Learnings and use the feedback from things that worked or that did not work well, in order to build more effective patterns in the future. The following represents an 'Advanced and user-friendly way of assessing the days events'.

The Pattern:
Begin by acknowledging your own personal inner wisdom and strength. This will enable you to centre yourself as you build personal resources and capabilities.

1. Run a movie of the days activities.
Starting at the beginning of the day, run a movie through your mind of the activities, events, conversations, and people you encountered throughout the day.

2. Freeze-frame the movie at the 'rough spots'.
Stop the movie whenever you find places where you didn't like the response you got from others or where you didn't like your own behaviour. This identifies the problem context.

3. Identify resources to apply.
Ask, "What worked?" "What actions, feelings, ideas, responses and ways of being worked well during the day?" "What other resources could I have used and applied from other contexts?"

4. Identify difficulties to address.
Ask "What did not work?"
Then use the following questions to start building up your resourcefulness:

a) How would I have liked to have affected others?

b) What kind of person would I have liked to be in this situation?

c) What did I deem as of the most importance in this situation?

d) What did I feel certain of or want to feel certain of?

e) What was I able to do or what would I like to have been able to do?

f) What feelings or action would I like to have taken?

5. Creating the new realty.
Play the movie again seeing yourself doing, feeling, being and acting, with all of the resources you imagined. Do so until you generate a positive emotional response to the new creative movie. To do this, keep recycling back to the resource development stage.

6. Finish backtracking the day's movie.
Imagine now taking this into the future, and asking:
"Do you like this?"
"Does this suit you?"
"Does this fit for you?"

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau

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