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Creating belief clusters

Beliefs and principles tend to form in self-organising groups. To assist in the development of a belief, it is often useful to create clusters of supporting beliefs that validate and support the original belief.

1) Identify the Belief or Principle that you wish to install.
Create a list of the principles or beliefs that you wish to install.

2) Restate each as a principle
One by one, take each principle and restate and rewrite as your own principle.
"In my work relationships, there is no failure, only feedback"
"In my work relationships, there is no failure, only feedback as I understand what is happening and make adjustments to my behaviour to support where I'm moving to"

3) Identify 1 to 3 supporting reasons for each belief
Why would this principle support, enhance and / or empower you in your life?
If I didn't frame things in terms of failure, but feedback, I would be more ready to give it a go and try new things.
With no 'Failure', I would be thinking less about me and more about my clients and that would allow me to operate in a more effective way.
With no failure, only feedback, I'd be more open to calibrating when things don't work, less likely to personalise, and more focused on becoming more effective.

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau


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