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Coaching techniques index

What follows are a small selection of some of the empowering tools and techniques that have been used to help people achieve their best. To get the maximum benefit from these powerful patterns, you'll need to have someone guide you through. (I strongly recommend you aquire professional assistance)

Personal Development Planning - An overview for turning your visions into realities.

Setting Empowering Goals - A precise format for setting highly effective and motivating goals.

Personal Empowerment - One of the many ways to develop a stronger sense of personal empowerment.

Taking an Intentional Stance - An effective pattern for developing a greater sense of purpose.

Amplifying Positive Experiences - A nuts and bolts method for altering the impact and meaning of an experience

Turning Principles into Actions - A great method for closing the knowing-doing gap, and turning your ideas into actions.

Time Management - A broad outline for effective time management.

Business Planning - A summary of some of the information needed before creating a highly effective business plan.

Non-verbal Communication - A powerful method for improving your non-verbal communication skills.

Inside Out Wealth - A pattern for developing greater self worth and higher self esteem.

Building Resourceful States and Emotions - A simple rapid method for accessing our best states of mind and emotion

Accepting, Appreciating and Celebrating Self - A rapid method for generating even greater self-esteem.

Motivation and Work Performance - An article about the positive effect of coaching within the workplace.

Creating Powerful Belief Clusters - By combining empowering beliefs into self-organising groups, we effectively multiply their effect on us.

End of day Review - A highly effective method to learn and move forwards from the day's events.

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau


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