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Amplifying positive states

Purpose: to show the effect on subjective experience of changing one or more cinematic elements of your internal thoughts.

1. Choose a resourceful experience, go inside and get a picture or movie of it.

2. Discover the effects of changing each of the following:
a. Colour: Vary the intensity of colour from intense bright colours to black and white

b. Distance: Change from very close to far away

c. Depth: Vary the picture from a flat, two dimensional photo to the full depth of three dimensions

d. Duration: Vary from a quick, fleeting experience to a persistent image that stays for some time

e. Clarity: Change the picture from crystal clear clarity to fuzzy lack of distinction

f. Contrast: Adjust the difference between light and dark, from stark contrast to more continuous graduations of grey

g. Scope: Change from a bounded picture within a frame to a panoramic picture that continues around your head, so that if your turn your head you can see more of it

h. Movement: Change the picture from a still photo to a movie

i. Speed: Adjust the speed of the movie from very slow to very fast

j. Hue: Change the colour balance. Increase the intensity of reds and decrease the intensity of blues and greens for example

k. Transparency: Make the image transparent, so you can see what's below the surface

l. Aspect Ratio: Make a framed picture tall and narrow and then short and wide

m. Orientation: Tilt the top of the picture away from you and then towards you.

n. Foreground / background: Vary the difference or separation between foreground and background. Then try reversing it, so the background becomes interesting foreground.

o. Sparkle: Make individual objects in the scene sparkle

p. Strobe: make the whole picture strobe on and off. Make elements of the picture strobe.

q. Associated or dissociated: put yourself in the picture. Remove yourself from the picture.

3. Experiment in the same way with each of the following:
Pitch, Distance, Tempo, Volume, Rhythm, Continuous or interrupted, Timbre / Tonality, Associated / Disassociated, External / Internal Source, Duration, Location, Contrast, Figure / ground, Clarity, Number, Symmetry, Resonance, Monaural / Stereo.

4. What cinematic features are there for your feeling experience?

5. After you have finished your explorations, alter the cinematic features of your internal representation so you experience the desired resource at the intensity you want.

6. Imagine using this resource state at some point in the future
As you see, hear and feel what this would be like, do you like it?
Does it serve you well?

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams...
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
- Henry David Thoureau

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