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Life Coaching in Reading, BerkshireIMAGINE the life you've always dreamed of, with no barriers and no limitations. Imagine your life rich with success and achievement, boundless physical vitality, genuine personal relationships, and with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Imagine living each day with passion, experiencing the courage to dream even more plus the dedication to make it happen. This is the place where inspiration and strategy come together to generate massive results which will change your life permanently.

These are the elements of success that Paul Jerome has studied and developed for over 25 years. Spanning almost three decades, Jerome has been the coach called upon by leaders to help achieve extraordinary and long lasting results. He has advised company directors, Blue Chip CEOs and professional men and women, providing them with the tools and techniques to help make difficult choices and realize their amazing potential.

Regarded as an innovator within the industry, Jerome has set the standard for life coaching for over a decade.

Jerome has directly impacted the lives of thousands of people with his best-selling training programs and coaching system. A successful entrepreneur, Jerome serves as Chairman of five companies  - that together have completely rewritten the rules for how to best develop a person's potential.

While some people have paid more than £10 thousand for this style of mentoring, Jerome's dream to share these remarkable tools for life transformation has laid the foundation for the Total Success Coaching program. Using strategies that have been used by world leaders, high-level business managers and entrepreneurs, Jerome has developed a personalized coaching program where you will discover and create change using the exact same tools, techniques and strategies that have empowered a select few to completely transform their businesses and their own lives.

The Total Success Coaching Program

With the Total Success Coaching program, you will discover and put into action extraordinary strategies of focus, training and responsibility that will place you on the path towards confident fulfilment.

This coaching program is not like any other in the world. As well as to focusing on specialised areas of coaching, Paul Jerome has designed a groundbreaking program that influences every facet of your life. The unique methodology used in this program is what truly sets Paul Jerome's Coaching apart.

Paul's initial approach is matched to you and centred on the specific results that you are seeking to achieve. This is the very first step for empowering your development and refining an engaging vision of what you truly want in life. This coaching program helps you take in the big picture, discovering the major influences that will have an impact on your life. And then develop a plan to put into action, challenging you to step-up and live the life which you're capable of living.

Paul Jerome's coaching and training has transformed the lives of thousands of people from around the world.

The Ultimate Coaching System

Paul Jerome's Total Success Coaching Program uses the same proprietary techniques as used by multimillionaire coaching clients throughout the world. Many of the greatest leaders in the world - from industrialists to elite athletes - have employed the same technologies which will be handed on to you.

Established Tools and Technologies

Paul Jerome's Total Success Coaching Program uses a number of Paul's innovative tools and techniques, including an Advanced Planning Method: an exclusive system of thinking and planning that centers on getting you the results you would like in the most effective and successful way possible. You are going to be amazed at everything you can accomplish by simply having a crystal clear vision, a compelling objective, and a straightforward action plan for how to get there.

Measurable Success

Paul Jerome is results-focused and has the specialized skills to help you identify specific measurable goals and hold you responsible to your commitments.

This incorporates the two key components of the Total Success Coaching program: psychology and results. To be successful clients will need the right beliefs, aims, physiology and language to realize lasting results. Paul is an expert at developing the essential mindset to achieve the results that you desire, and he will pass that along to you. This coaching program will enable you to uncover the trigger mechanisms within your psyche which will enable you to move your life on to the next level.

Excellent Coaching = Excellent Results

Everything that you do, and everything that you achieve, no matter what perspective, impacts your entire life. Which is why the Total Success Coaching program is not limited to a specific area.

Flexibility is included in the program and Paul has the tools and techniques available to navigate the full spectrum of what it is that you want to achieve. That flexibility stems from an enrollment process specifically developed to maximize your personal coaching experience.


To ensure you've found the right match with a coach who best suits your needs, Paul Jerome will perform an initial interview that will get to the root of:

  1. What you're looking to accomplish;
  2. The challenges and limitations that have stopped you at earlier times;
  3. What you can do right away to begin moving in the right direction; and
  4. The principle qualities you want from your coach.

Get Set

Once you've chosen Paul as your coach, based upon the initial interview, you'll be provided with materials to help you and Paul quickly develop a powerful partnership for success. A detailed profile assessment which you complete at home will give Paul the knowledge base and solid foundation to give you an advantage right from the start.


Now you're ready for your very first coaching session. This is the moment where you and your coach begin producing the foundations for your success. Your own and your coach's expectations will be discussed in detail, along with guidelines for getting the most from coaching.

You're now well on your way! No matter what you're looking to achieve, Paul Jerome will get you there by applying the following steps:

Identify your vision

Although you may already have an idea of where it is that you want to go and who it is that you want to be, Paul will help you establish with utter clarity your beliefs, and your values and your life purpose.

Set challenging desirable goals

To get the results you aspire to, you need to expand past your comfort zone. Paul will help you break up old habits and give up any beliefs that have stopped you from achieving your ultimate objectives.

Generate a plan of action

Paul will help you create and apply an effective action plan that identifies specific goals, sets timelines, forecasts obstacles and establishes the resources and support that you'll need. Action plans also deliver a system of accountability that can be used for benchmarking your performance.

Achieve extraordinary results

Paul will provide you with successful strategies and crucial support, enabling you to achieve your goals rapidly and effectively. Better still, Paul will supply you with the tools to help you remain motivated and on track.

I won't pretend that our joint venture will be simple and easy, but I do guarantee it will be worthwhile. The only thing standing in your way is inaction.

Paul Jerome has proven that a coaching relationship can give you the ultimate asset for living an extraordinary life - both personally and professionally. Paul Jerome's Coaching is focussed on results and can help you achieve everything you've ever wished for. Together, there is nothing that you and Paul cannot accomplish.

Imagine a place in your life where remarkable achievement is normal. This is where the hearts and minds of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries live.

Now is the time to start living an extraordinary life.

It's time to make a huge leap to the next level. Paul is waiting.

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Every session is unique and tailored specifically to you, so session lengths and the number of sessions can vary.

The first session is absolutely Free. After that my fee per one-hour session is £70.

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